Chep Pallet Dimensions

As a subsidiary of Brambles, CHEP (Commonwealth Handling Equipment Pool) is a company that specializes in pallet and container pooling services for various industrial and retail supply chains. Their product offerings include wooden and plastic pallets, small display pallets, crates, and IBC containers, all of which are distinguished by the blue colour and CHEP logo.

When it comes to moving and storing goods, businesses need reliable pallets that can handle heavy loads without breaking or splintering. This is why CHEP, world leader in logistically handling, is a popular choice among many industries, including manufacturing, retail, and logistics. CHEP's hardwood pallets are designed to be durable, versatile, and sustainable, making them an ideal choice for businesses that need a reliable pallet solution.

Cheps hardwood is a specialist timber, primarily a kiln dried Southern Yellow Pine.

Chep Pallet Dimensions

1200mm x 800 x 144mm, weighing in at roughly 38.5 kilos. They have an ability to be able to hold 1000kilos of product upon them.

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Length and Width of Chep Pallets

But what are the dimensions of CHEP's pallets? Understanding the size of the pallets you're using is crucial for making sure that they will fit in your warehouse or shipping containers and ensuring that your products will fit securely on the pallets. CHEP's logistical hardwood blue pallets have dimensions of 1200 mm long and 800 mm wide, which is the standard size for pallets. This makes them easy to use with a variety of storage and transport equipment.

Height of Chep Pallets

The height dimension of CHEP's pallets is also important to consider. The standard height for pallets is 144 mm tall, which is the same height as CHEP's pallets. This height is a good all-purpose option that works well for a wide range of products and applications. This is the standard height for forklifts and walking stackers to need to be able to get the forks underneath properly to light the weight in a safe manner.

Reasons why businesses trust Chep hardwood pallets.

  1. Durability: CHEP pallets are made from high-quality hardwood, making them strong and durable. They can withstand heavy loads and rough handling, making them a good choice for businesses that need a reliable pallet solution.
  2. Sustainability: CHEP pallets are designed to be used multiple times before they are retired. This means that businesses can reuse them rather than constantly having to purchase new pallets, which is more environmentally friendly.
  3. Cost-effectiveness: Because CHEP pallets can be used multiple times, businesses can save money on pallet costs in the long run. Additionally, CHEP operates a pallet pooling system, which allows businesses to rent pallets rather than purchasing them outright. Renting can be a more cost-effective option for businesses that don't need to own their own pallets.

Sustainability of Chep Pallets

Aside from their durability and compatibility, CHEP's hardwood pallets are also a sustainable and cost-effective option for businesses. These pallets are designed to be reused many times over before they are retired, which is more environmentally friendly than constantly purchasing new pallets. Additionally, CHEP operates a pallet pooling system, allowing businesses to rent pallets instead of purchasing them outright. This can be a more cost-effective option for businesses that don't need to own their own pallets. This is also why you see them more frequently when on trucks, or at supermarkets and piled up within industrial areas.

Convenience of Chep Pallets

Convenience is also a major benefit of using CHEP's hardwood pallets. CHEP operates a global network of pallet distribution centres, making it easy for businesses to obtain the pallets they need no matter where they are located. This is particularly useful for businesses that need to ship products internationally, as there are multiple areas for sourcing. Australia has many areas and locations that specialise in sourcing Chep pallets.


    In conclusion, CHEP's logistical hardwood blue pallets are a durable, reliable, and sustainable choice for companies looking for a standard-size pallet solution. They are perfect for transporting products or storing items within warehouse racking. By understanding the Chep pallet dimensions and the benefits of using CHEP's pallets, businesses can make an informed decision on whether these pallets are the right choice for their needs. At Mini Pallets, we transport our product upon Chep Pallets for a number of reasons, but mainly due to the quality of the pallet. We want our customers to feel their purchase is appreciated and we don’t want the Mini Pallets to be damaged, or lost within the transport process.

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