Shark Tank Australia

Shark Tank Australia

Mini Pallets was Featured on Shark Tank Australia S03E04 in July 2017 


Mini Pallets was featured on Shark Tank Australia S03E04 where our Founder Peter Kuhlmann secured a $400,000 investment offer with plans to take his Mini Pallets business global. 

In Australia, there are 50,000 back injuries reported each year, many of which are related to lifting. Peter has created a well-thought-out, yet straightforward device with design protection.

Sharks Naomi Simson and Andrew Banks gave Kuhlmann a $400,000 combined investment at 40% equity for his Mini Pallets company, which makes a compact, sturdy plastic pallet to make it simple to ship and move small quantities of cartons, kegs, and other equipment.

The idea for Mini Pallets, according to Kuhlmann, struck him as he was sitting in a cafe and watching two delivery employees struggle to manually unload many cartons of coke while a full-sized pallet sat against the wall behind them.

Despite the Naomi Simson and Andrew Banks enthusiasm for the Mini Pallet business, Peter Kuhlmann says "the deal didn’t end up passing due diligence". 

Watch Peter Kuhlmann from Mini Pallets Australia on Shark Tank Australia S03E04 below;