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Welcome to the world of Mini Pallets - the perfect solution for your storage and transportation needs! Whether you're a business owner looking to streamline your goods handling, storage operations or a homeowner in need of a convenient way to move heavy items, Mini Pallets are the versatile way to go.

Efficient and productive Mini Pallets are designed to make your life significantly easier. With their compact size, they can be used in tight spaces and narrow – hard to navigate areas, making them perfect for a range of industries, including removal and courier services, warehouses, and more. They can help speed up productivity, and their efficient design ensures that you can move and store heavy items with ease.

Australian Made Design

Built to Australia conditions, our Mini Pallets are made of high-quality glass filled polypropylene that is designed to withstand the weight and wear and tear of heavy items and abuse from various elements. They are also easy to clean and maintain, making them a long-lasting and cost-effective solution. Plus, with the option to customize your Mini Pallets with bespoke colours, you can choose the perfect option to match your brand or business needs(Volume specific)

Mini Pallet Features

Features that stand out our Mini Pallets come with a range of features that make them the ideal choice for your storage and transportation needs. Starting with their compact size of 400x260x40mm, they are small enough to fit in most areas but large enough to support heavy items. The internal hand truck tongue void is 380mm making it easy to use with hand trucks / hand trolleys and other moving equipment, allowing you to load and unload items quickly and efficiently, without the risk of damage to products or person.

Versatile applications Mini Pallets can be used in a range of industries and applications. They are perfect for use by removalists and couriers, as they provide a faster and more efficient way to move and store heavy items. They can also be used in warehouses to speed up productivity and streamline operations. And if you're a homeowner, Mini Pallets are an excellent solution for storing and moving heavy items around the home, such as appliances, furniture, and more.

Mini Pallets also serve as a perfect storage solution for cool rooms, which is why restaurant owners, pubs clubs and cafes use Mini Pallets to adhere to health regulation acts.

In Summary

If you're looking for a reliable and cost-effective way to store and transport heavy items, look no further than our Mini Pallets. With their efficient design, durable materials, and versatile applications, they are the perfect solution for a range of industries and personal needs.

We help many business and home owners move items safely and efficiently.

Customer Reviews

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Helen Avery
mini pallet perfection

This is a great product. Keeps everything off the floor. Makes easy of moving products around, all you have to do is slip the pallet mover into the slot on the front/back of the mini pallet and pull back and move them around. No more lugging cartons from one spot to another. They are strong and durable, and I have just now purchased more. Thank you mini pallets!!


Love them, super strong, great for small areas


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