Moving house with Mini Pallets

Benefits of Using Mini Pallets During a Move

Increased Productivity

During the first year of the pandemic, many customers approached us about moving houses using the Mini Pallet. The added benefit of being able to easily place the Mini Pallet into a self-moving van means that you can simply place a ratchet strap over the line of Mini Pallet goods and tie off the strap to the truck's wall. Movers love trucks with tailgate lifts because they can use the hand trolley to take a stack of moving boxes on a Mini Pallet in a line, raise the lift, and store them in the back of the truck for the drive. The reverse is then accomplished at the new home end. This allows for efficient and effective transport of items during a move, saving time and effort.

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Reduced Risk of Injury

The Mini Pallet's design allows for the use of a tie down ratchet, which is especially useful when moving heavy items like a large flat screen TV, washer and dryer, or family fridge. This helps to distribute the weight of the item evenly, reducing the risk of injury while lifting and carrying. Additionally, the Mini Pallet's design allows people to easily move items off the ground, reducing the risk of injury from bending and reaching.

Continued Use of Mini Pallets

After the Move Many of our customers who searched websites like and were interested in seeing how our product helps removalists and self-movers effectively move house while minimising risk of injury. People who moved into a unit complex from a house have continued to use the Mini Pallet to store their belongings in their unit complex lock up cages. For those who do not have a cage area, the Mini Pallets can be used inside a self storage unit, such as a Kennards self storage. People who have moved into larger houses than they previously occupied can use the Mini Pallet to keep their garage or storage area clean and keep keepsakes off the ground from moisture damage. Our design allows people to hose or blow debris out from beneath goods while maintaining health and safety standards.


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