Standard Australian Pallet vs The Mini Pallet

One question we are commonly asked by customers is what is the difference between a Standard Australian Pallet and The Mini Pallet.

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The large percentage of Australian Standard Pallet manufacturers suitable for a forklifts, pallet jacks or walking stackers, like Chep, provide both timber and plastic pallets in popular dimensions. However the more common sized pallet dimensions are 1165mm long x 1165mm wide with the height of a pallet is 150mm.

For storing goods on warehouse pallet racking, hardwood Australian standard pallets are ideal. However these can be either softwood, plastic from polypropylene, but the desired pallet for withstanding the racking is hardwood.

Combined the weight the hardwood pallet and goods being stored upon the pallet weight significantly. Therefore the warehouse pallet racking is required to be at a certain strength to be able to house these heavy pallet dimensions.

The Mini Pallet is considerably smaller (see Pallet Dimensions) than a pallet designed for a forklift. It weights far less than the majority of pallets, which weigh anything from 15 to 70 kilograms. 

Our Mini Pallet is easily able to be managed by anyone within any business or home, they are extremally lightweight. Due to this lightweight nature owners can easily store them in functional locations. No specialist licences are required to operate a hand trolley or hand cart with a Mini Pallet. A characteristic which is incredibly favorable to employers and industry.


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