Storing and Stacking Beer and Wine safely in Pubs and Clubs

As a pub or club owner, it's important to make sure that your employees are handling and storing beer and wine safely. Correct storage not only helps to prevent accidents and injuries, but it also helps to protect the quality of your investments. Here are some tips for storing and stacking beer and wine safely in your establishment:

Use Mini Pallets

Using Mini Pallets can help create a safer environment for your employees to move heavy and awkward kegs, cases of beer or wine. Our Mini pallets are sturdy, with a non-slip surface. Stacking cases or kegs on the Mini Pallet makes it less likely a team member will get injured or break something. Just one of our Mini Pallets will save you the cost of a beer or wine case.

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Store Beer and Wine at the Proper Temperature

Both beer and wine should be stored at the proper temperature to guarantee their quality. Beers best temperature is between 1.7-7.2°C. The ideal temperature to store wine is between 7.2–18.3°C.. Invest in a temperature-controlled storage area or use a thermometer to make sure that your products are being stored at the optimal temperature..


Stack cases and kegs carefully

Cases and kegs of beer and wine should stack vertically to prevent accidents and spills. When stacking kegs, be sure to place the heaviest ones at the bottom of the stack to provide a stable base. Cases of beer and wine should be stacked no more than four high, and should be placed on a sturdy, level surface.


Encourage employees to use good lifting techniques

Proper lifting techniques can help to prevent injuries and accidents when handling heavy kegs and cases of beer and wine. Encourage your employees to use their legs to lift, rather than their backs, and to avoid bending at the waist when lifting heavy items. Train employees on proper lifting techniques or invest in lifting aids, like keg hooks or Mini Pallets, to help them with heavy items.


Follow these tips to make sure your team members safely store beer and wine in your pub or club. Not only helps to protect your employees, but it also helps to make sure that your products are of the highest quality.

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