Hand Trolley Hand Carts and Mini Pallets

Mini Pallet Plastic Hand truck aid courier helper


The majority of Australians are familiar with the term "hand cart," also known as a hand trolley. The necessity for a hand trolley to carry large or inconveniently shaped items is widespread, whether it's delivering goods to a business or moving a loved one's home.

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Due to the requirement to give employees a quick and safe alternative to transferring these kinds of things, almost all organisations own a hand cart or hand trolley.

Having employees operate a hand trolley has been proven to save labour costs and employee injuries for businesses. 

Most of the main hardware or industrial suppliers, including Bunnings, Mitre Ten, Home Hardware, and others, sell hand carts. When purchasing a hand trolley, it helps to complete your moving tasks promptly due to them being offered in a wide variety of styles and uses.

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The majority of delivery and courier subcontractors use a hand cart to quickly transport products from their car or truck to the receiving destination.


Blue Hand Trolley Hand Cart