Wineries and Beverage Management

Wineries and Beverage Management

The Mini Pallet is an unique product which assists wineries and bottle shops manage their stock, showcase their products within the cellar doors and assist customers with stock to vehicles.

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Stock Management

Mini Pallets are changing how facilities are utlising their cool rooms and storage areas. Mini Pallets can assist in getting stock out quickly from holding bays for operators to reach boxes in the back of a sea of cases very quickly. Not only being able to efficiently move the stacked boxes fast, the need to unstack and re stack the boxes is no longer an consideration. 

Retailing with Mini Pallets

The Mini Pallet is a discreet matt black colour and conveniently is able to sit on showroom floors without drawing attention from products, theming or staging. Perfect for locations who have fast moving promotional areas within their site. Once the product is starting to sell numerous cases, out comes another stack of product on another Mini Pallet.

Assisting customers with heavy and awkward stock

Our product is perfectly aimed at the Winery and Beverage industry. We have taken the burden from loading and unloading customers vehicles when they have bought numerous cases or product.

The Mini Pallet can:

- Reduce breakages of products

- Reduce injury to team members

- Increase employee efficiency

Wine on Mini Pallets


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